Sarah Wallace, Veterinarian

Dr. Sarah Wallace graduated from The Ohio State University in May of 2020. When growing up she would play “dogtor” with various family pets and over time accumulated various animals that needed help or saved from the family cat. She thanks her parents for their patience and support while she brought in snapping turtles found along the road, baby birds that fell from their nests, and bunnies that the cat got ahold of.

Undergrad at The University of Findlay is where her career path changed and she found her niche in the barn. Still a girl who loves to dress up and wear her high heels and lipstick, she is just as excited to get into some boots and coveralls and get dirty working on cattle, and other large animals.

Outside of work, Dr. Wallace has several fur babies of her own. Her canine children include a Great Dane named Gypsy, who is a total couch potato and loves attention, snacks, snuggling, and being pampered; a sheepadoodle named Barbara, who has an endless supply of energy, love, and pep, and enjoys jumping when she’s not supposed to, being dirty, and getting attention (good or bad); and an Irish Wolfhound named Shaggy, who loves to explore outside and is a total mama’s boy. Dr. Wallace’s feline family members include Scrotum, the OG and MVP who is both a master snuggler and a total diva; Epidermis, Scrotum’s boyfriend, a dapper lad who is featured wearing a tuxedo on Dr. Wallace’s arm tattoo; and Scabbers, son to Scrotum and Epidermis.

In what little spare time she has, Dr. Wallace can usually be found exploring the outdoors with her pets, exercising, or playing pick-up sports. She also enjoys drinking coffee (or margaritas – depending on the day), settling in with a good book, or visiting with friends and family.

Taylor, Vet Assistant

Growing up in Graysville at the “foot of the mountain,” Taylor always knew she wanted to work with animals. Her home was a haven for all sorts of pets, from traditional dogs and cats to tarantulas and pigs. Sometimes a stray would come along who was sick, and Taylor would get to play doctor and try to nurse them back to health. Her favorite activity, though, was bottle-feeding baby calves with her father. These experiences motivated her to continue to learn and grow into the field of veterinary medicine.

In 2017, Taylor found out that South Rhea Animal Hospital, Scenic City Veterinary Services sister company, was hiring a kennel attendant and eagerly applied for the job. After a couple of years, she knew she wanted to play a more active role in helping animals who were brought to the clinic, so she worked her way up to veterinary assistant. Taylor is currently enrolled in the Veterinary Technician program at Chattanooga State. In the meantime, she is excited for the opportunity to continue learning new things while working here at the clinic.

Taylor joined Scenic City Veterinary Services as the Vet Assistant in April 2023 and has been working alongside Dr. Wallace and most recently Dr. Davis, on all farm calls to help make sure your animals are well taken care of.

Scenic City Veterinary Services‘ staff is filled with highly trained and experienced animal lovers who care deeply about their jobs. Everyone makes it a goal to learn everything they can about the field they love in order to give our patients the highest level of care.

Our team is also kind. The members treat each patient, whether healthy or sick, with plenty of love and attention. They educate owners on the importance of preventative care to keep their pets healthy, while doing everything they can to help when their pets are not feeling well.

If you would like to speak to one of our staff, feel free to contact us today at (423) 661-2255.